EM schedules

Welcome to the new EM Schedule page





*** Updates On The  Schedule Page***


The November and December Schedule is posted





I have also added an EM notices page for posting events, family members in need of prayers and notices of passings


Feel free to click on the page links along the top of the page. There will be new additions made to this page on an ongoing basis. 


Do you have any schedule changes that will be long term?


ex. You will be in Florida for the winter.


Please contact us at stcyrilems@yahoo.com and we will make the necessary changes for the appropriate schedules. Please make sure to get us the changes by the 15th of the month prior to the new schedule in order for the changes to be put into the new schedule.


If you are unable to make a particular Mass, please try and get coverage for that Mass. It is not necessary to contact us about the change. This will keep the overwhelming responsibility of taking care of the schedule to a minimum.


Make sure to check the NEWS Page for updates and letters from Mary.

Email us at stcyrilems@yahoo.com if there are any suggestions for the new site.


This is a volunteer effort, so please be patient with anything that goes on with this site.


God Bless and Thank You for your service.